Sadly, Lucy Winegardner Lovett, one of the founders, passed away March 7th, 2003. The legacy that she helped to inspire will continue. With memories of her and our motto in mind, the Auglaize Township Historical Society/Lucy Winegardner Lovett Scholarship was initiated in June of 2003.

Past Scholarship Winners Include:

2004- Jessica Hutchinson
2005- Alecia Reese
2006- Sara Fields
2007- Alyson Reese
2008- Nathan Swaney
2009- Matt Dues
2010- Dylan Burley
2011- Grant Dues
2012- Jacob Lawrence
2013- Hailey Perkins
2014- Kiley Lutes
2015- Taylor Lloyd
2016- Dakota Clark
2017- Emma Dues 


To download the application in PDF form please click the link below:



  • The individual receiving the scholarship may attend any school to include home school, but must beside in the Allen East School District.
  • The individual receiving the scholarship must graduate in the year of the award.
  • There is no minimum GPA that is required to be eligible for this scholarship award.


  • Applications will be made available to anyone meeting the award criteria without prejudice.
  • The application must be returned to the:

    Auglaize Township Historical Society
    P.O. Box 3
    Harrod, Ohio 45850
  • Applications are due by May 1st of the award year. It is the responsibility of the applicant to insure the ATHS receives the scholarship application by the due date.
  • A committee comprised of three people shall be elected by the ATHS to review and select the scholarship awardee(s). It is not a requirement that members of the selection committee belong to the ATHS.
  • Alternate awardees shall be selected in the event that the first choice recipient fails to provide proof of enrollment to a secondary institution.
  • The selection committee will have the authority to reject all applicants in any given year if there are no worthy recipients.
  • If no applications are received by the due date, the award money shall remain in the scholarship account.
  • The ATHS/Lucy (Winegardner) Lovett Scholarship award will be announced and a certificate presented to the recipient at his or her annual graduation exercises.
  • The scholarship check will be issued directly to the student to be used as they see fit, upon proof of acceptance to a postgraduate institution.