The Auglaize Township Historical Society was co-founded by childhood friends, Lucy Winegardner Lovett and Suzanne McPheron Archer, both born and raised in Harrod, Ohio. In March 1988, Mrs. Lovett suggested that a mural depicting the development of Harrod, Ohio be painted on the side of a building within the village having seen similar murals in her travels. While doing the research needed to complete the mural, it was discovered that in 1989, the village of Harrod would be 100 years old. News of that discovery spurred a meeting of interested citizens within the community and the rest is simple history.

The Auglaize Township Historical Society was chartered October 10, 1988. The purpose of the organization is to operate a non-profit historical society for charitable purposes and to preserve memorabilia and other items of historical significance for the benefit of the community.

From humble beginnings, the Auglaize Township Historical Society has evolved into what it is today. Our motto and goal is to "Preserve the past, protect the present and envision the future." While striving to uphold our motto we have been able to accomplish many seemingly impossible tasks stemming from the community pride that has been spurred by the development of our organization and its accomplishments.

To date, we proudly continue to preserve the past and protect the present through community events as we envision the brightest of futures for the Auglaize Township Community.

If you would like to make a monetary donation or have an interesting piece of local history that you would like to see preserved properly, please contact us via our "contact us" page.